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Advanced Statistics

Sản phẩm giao dịch None

Initial Capital $None

Total Net Profit $None

Total Profit $0.00

Total Loss $-0,0

Profit Factor None

Expected profit None

Total Trades 0

Sell Order (of total profit) None

Buy Order (of total profit) None

Profit (of total) None

Loss (of total) None

Max Profit $None

Max Loss $None

Average Profit $None

Average Loss $None

Max Consecutive Profit $None

Max Consecutive Loss $None

Max Times of Consecutive Profit None

Max Times of Consecutive Loss None

Average Consecutive Profit None

Average Consecutive Loss None

EA Description

EA Name

1 Quick Trading On Chart

1 This EA is a tool EA, which can facilitate traders to trade quickly on the chart. It needs to be loaded and used like EA
2 This tool can quickly realize the opening and closing function.
3 This tool can be used as a user's semi-automatic trade. The first order requires the user to manually judge and select the direction and opening an order.
4 This tool can close orders of different categories.
5 This tool can set relevant parameters such as order opening, order adding, moving stop loss, etc.
6 This tool takes effect when all parameters are not set to 0. If you set 0 Single , this function will not be started.
7 This tool can automatically add positions at intervals Points and double positions according to settings.
8 This tool can add positions to follow the trend or opposing trend and Set maximum positions in the same direction.
9 This tool can set moving stop loss or protect stop loss points.

Applicable Market
1 Any market

1 It is recommended that the user test the function on the demo account and then use it for the real account.

1 BUY: Open Buy Orders
2 SELL: Open Sell Orders
3 Close Buy: Close Buy Orders
4 Close Sell: Close Sell Orders
5 Close Profit: Close Profit Orders
6 Close Loss: Close Loss Orders
7 Close This EA: Close This ea's Orders
8 Close All: Close all orders
9 Lot: Trade volume
10 TakeProfit: Take profit(Set the stop profit after opening an order, or set the number of points on the cost line (buy orders) after adding positions)
11 StopLoss: Stop Loss(Set the stop loss after opening an order, or set the number of points below the cost line (buy orders) after adding positions)
12 Dispoint: Interval points(the points that need to be interval for trend or opposing trend)
13 Multiple: Multiple of position increase(how many times the position of position increase is last time)
14 Direction: Direction of position increase,UnTrend(opposing trend),Trend(trend)
15 MaxOrder: Maximum number of position orders in the same direction
16 TsStart: Move start points. Only when the profit exceeds this point can move stop loss be started (this function is effective for a single order)
17 TsPoint: Move the callback points. After the move stop loss is started (after TsStart is started), the highest point (buy orders, sell orders is the lowest point) after opening the position is called back. Set the stop loss at this point.
18 ProStart: Protection start points. Only when the profit exceeds this point can the protection stop loss be started
19 ProPoint: Protection points,after reaching the protection start points, set the stop loss on the cost line
20 OrderComment: Set order comment.

Advice and Risk:
1 This tool cannot guarantee that it will be profitable in the future

Risk Agreement

Thank you for purchasing the Expert Advisor (EA) provided by WikiFX. By clicking the 'I have read and understood' during the purchase, you hereby reached an agreement with the company and fully understood and accepted the terms and conditions hereof; If you do not accept them, please do not click it.

I.Improvement and Modification

The company has the right to continuously improve the service quality and modify the terms and conditions hereof in line with the development of the Internet, and changes of relevant laws, regulations and policies of the People's Republic of China. The revised version will be used in the new agreement and the company may not notify users about that. By continuing to use the products after these updates, you agree to the revised agreement. The rights and obligations between the company and the user are subject to the revised version.

Ⅱ.Purchase & Use Instructions

1.After payment, the user will be given the access to the purchased software, and the company reserves the ownership of the software.

2. We will send the corresponding software to your cloud host after your purchase. You should not run this software on other hosts that don’t belong to WikiFX by PC side. If finding any illegal use of software or security bugs, you should keep them posted immediately.Users are not allowed to use this software product on other virtual machines such as PCs that do not belong to Forex Tianyan. If users find any illegal use of the software or security vulnerabilities, they should immediately notify Forex Tianyan.

3. The user can contact our customer support when accidentally deleting the purchased product.

4. The EA purchased by the user can only be used by himself, and shall not be transferred or authorized to others in any form. Only one account can be used on the same terminal at one time. If an account is found to be used by multiple person or terminals at the same time through cracking, plug-in, etc., the company has the right to cancel the user's eligibility without any compensation or refund of service charge paid.

Ⅲ. Service Fee

1. Software product service fees are in accordance with the price and preferential policies announced on the purchase date, and users should pay all fees on the day the agreement is signed.

2. WikiFX reserves the right to refuse refunds of the services purchased by the user and adjustments to the original prices when it lowers the charging standard or changes the paid services to free ones.

Ⅳ.Service Revision

WikiFX reserves the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time without notifying users. When the user accepts it, WikiFX may not bear the responsibility.

Ⅴ.Risk Warnings

1.Investors should ensure that they fully understand the nature of the software product, risks may involve and their own risk appetite before purchasing.

2.Users should fully understand risks involved in foreign exchange investment. All products provided by the company should be recognized as not the direct basis for investing, but trading tools for users to choose from. Under such circumstance, users shall bear risks on their own, and the company shall not assume any economic or legal responsibilities.

3.Given that errors may occur under different testing environments, users need to test software parameters on their own platforms. When the results are as expected, users may use the software to invest with real accounts. Otherwise, WikiFX shall not bear any legal responsibilities for all profits and losses.

Ⅵ. Disclaimer

1.After purchasing, the user can only enjoy the features present, later update or added features excluded.

2. WikiFX will try its best to explain the integrity of the product inscription, but does not bear any responsibility for the information described.

3. WikiFX doesn’t assume any legal responsibility for abnormal use of software due to foreign exchange economic providers and other reasons, but will actively cooperate with users to solve it.

4. The EA products and services provided by WikiFX are essentially tools. The use of such tools does not guarantee the user gains or zero loss. The testing results of our software represents merely past gains, and can not promise future profits or free you from financial losses. WikiFX suggests that users be fully aware of potential risks and make rational investment.


As all the company's software products are protected by copyright law, users cannot copy or publish related service content inexplicably, modify or create derivative products related to the content or disclose the content to charge improper fees.

Ⅷ.Product Renewal

1. If the user would like to continue the use of the time-limited EA products when they expire, renewal procedures should be made in advance and fees paid accordingly. Unless otherwise agreed between the user and the company, the rights and obligations between the parties will apply to this agreement during the renewal term.

2. The user can have the unlimited use of EA products that doesn’t have term of service.

If you have any question concerning our products, please contact WikiFX.

Please read the above terms carefully and acknowledge the “I have read and understood”.

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