Trend type MT4 Metaverse
Seize the bing trend, make small breakthroughs and see the sustainability
  • Original price $999.00
  • Applicable Platform MT4
  • WikiFX Price $ 1.99
  • Last Updated Time 2021-11-12
Applicable products
  • XAUUSD etc.
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    16:00 - 2021.11.12 10:00

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Backtesting data does not represent future performance

  • Metaverse
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Historical trend
Advanced Statistics
16:00 - 2021.11.12 10:00

Products XAUUSD (Gold)

Initial Capital $10000.00

Total Net Profit $19836.99

Total Profit $53823.07

Total Loss $33986.07

Profit Factor 1.58

Expected profit 196.41

Total Trades 60

Sell Order (of total profit) 47 (65.96%)

Buy Order (of total profit) 54 (75.93%)

Profit (of total) 72 (71.29%)

Loss (of total) 29 (28.71%)

Max Profit $10780.83

Max Loss $-3022.86

Average Profit $747.54

Average Loss $-1171.93

Max Consecutive Profit $12430.65 (3)

Max Consecutive Loss $-3660.00 (2)

Max Times of Consecutive Profit 10 (4112.96)

Max Times of Consecutive Loss 2 (-3660.00)

Average Consecutive Profit 3

Average Consecutive Loss 1

EA Description
Trend type

EA Name

1 Trend trading

1 This strategy is a trend trading strategy, which uses large length moving average and small K-line high (low) to jointly determine the trend trading.
2 The central idea of this strategy is to make the market sustainable. If the market continues in the process of falling or rising, seize the market callback and then upward. You can seize the market in the best place.
3 When the market is above the SMA (300) and there is a falling (more than 40 K lines) after the market reaches a new high, after the callback, it continues to hit a new high in a small k-lines (10 K lines). It is expected that the market will continue to rise. At this time, open long.
4 When the market is below the SMA (300) and there is a rising (more than 40 K lines) after the market reaches a new low, after the callback, it continues to hit a new low in a small k-lines (10 K lines). It is expected that the market will continue to falling. At this time, open short.
5 There should be a certain multiple interval between the moving average and K-line callback, which should not be too large or too small. It is generally 6-12 times, which is determined according to different market conditions.
6 For the second time, the number of K lines in the record high and the number of K lines in the large moving average also need a certain appropriate proportion.
7 After opening a long, the stop loss is set to the lowest point of this callback. A distance below this lowest point allows the market to have a fault-tolerant space.
8 After opening a short , the stop loss is set to the highest point of this callback. A distance above this highest point allows the market to have a fault-tolerant space.
9 After opening, set a protective stop and a moving stop.
10 The stop loss, protection stop loss and moving stop loss of this strategy are set according to the percentage, so as to adapt to different symbol and different price ranges.

Applicable Market
1 Trend

1 Use Period: M15
2 Acount : Min 10000 USD
3 Symbol : XAUUSD
4 Trade volume: min 0.1 lots and set according to your risk appetite.

1 Lots: Trade volume.
2 magics : EA magic
3 FastK : Number of new high (new low) k lines
4 SlowMA : Moving average period
5 kcount : Number of callback K lines after the record high(low)
6 slpoint_per : loss stopping factor; For example, if the stop loss factor is 0.001, the open multiple stop loss distance is set at the callback lowest point -0.001 * opening price
7 tspoint_per : Moving Stop Loss factor; For example, if the Moving Stop Loss factor is 0.01. the opening price is greater than 1.01 times the opening price. Start the moving stop loss function, and the stop loss moves upward after starting.
8 protectstart_per : protection stop loss factor; the opening price * factor are used the protection starting position. After starting, long position set the stop loss at the cost line.

Advice and Risk:
1 Errors may occur under different testing environments.
2 It is better to test the EA with a demo or mini real account before you trade.
3 The test result does not guarantee future returns.
4 This strategy only works well on xauusd.

Test Description:
1 See test report for details

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