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Local Follow System
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開始資本金 $

利益合計 $None

利益総額 $0.00

損失合計 $-0.0

利益率 None

期待収益 None

取引合計 0





最大利益の取引 $None

最大損失 $None

平均収益 $None

取引平均損失 $None

最大連続利益 $

最大連続損失額 $



継続平均利益 None

平均継続損失 None


Instructions for Trailing System

Tip: This trailing system is a plug-in, which should be tested before being used in MT4. And the website is not responsible for any problem that occurs during use.
I. Description:
1.This system is a local order-trailing system, on a different MT4 of the same computer to complete the list of follow orders.
2. This system is divided into 2 EAs, the Master side and the Follows side.
3. This system needs to be completed in two MT4 terminals, thus two MT4 windows need to be opened.
4. Master is the order-recommendation side, meaning the MT4 account that places the order, and Follows is the trailing side, meaning the MT4 account that trails the order.
5. This copying system only reads the first 6 characters of the Mater side. If it exceeds 6 digits, special settings are required.
6. There will be a delay because of MT4 platform and network speed, usually in less than 1 second.
7. This is an unconditional trailing strategy. And it will tail the order by default when being loaded. So it is recommended to set the system when there is no order on the master account to avoid unnecessary losses.
This strategy is unconditional follow order,
8. This system can only be applicable to the EAs of WikiFX.
9. MT4 installation directory:
Open MT4 -> Click the file in the upper left corner -> Open Data folder -> Open MQL4 folder -> Experts folder

II. Functions:
1. The Master side is mainly to obtain the data of the main account.
2. The Follow side is mainly to trail the order after obtaining the data.

III. Installation:
1. Copy the unzipped Master file to the EA installation directory of the MT4 account (Refer to the point 5 in the Description )
2. Copy the unzipped Follows file to the EA installation directory of the MT4 account (Refer to the point 5 in the Description )
3. You can see the corresponding EA in the EA navigation bar after restarting the MT4.

4. Set up the EA Smart Trading configuration for both MT4 as shown below, Tools->Options->EA

5. Load the Master side

If the settings is correct, EA Is Running Successfully will be shown in the upper left corner of the chart, with a smiling face appearing in the upper right corner.

6. Load the Follow side. For the parameter settings, please refer to the point 4 of the description.

After the position is added successfully, the order will be marked in the upper left corner of the chart.

7. To set up the products, you need to click on Show All Products in the Follow side, as shown in the following figure.

IV. Parameters of Follow side:
1.Master_AccountNumber: Account number (you need to fill in the account number of the master account).
2. Lots_times: Times of the order-trailed
3. symbol_suFfix: The suffix of the trailing currency pair. For example, there is no need to fill in this place if the currency pair is EURUSD. If it is EURUSD.ecn, then “.ecn” needs to be filled.
4. sltp: The stop loss or take profit switch is closed by default. You can also configure it into OPEN. If it is in default state, the trailing account will follow the status of the master account such as position-closing, thus there will be no missing trailing.
5. open_reverse: Reverse switch, which is closed by default. If opened, the trailing account will follow the status of the master account such as going-short.
6. limit_stop: the status of following the pending order is opened by default. The status is optional. If it is in default state, after the order is dealt, the Follow side will trail it, thus there will be no missing trailing.
7. Special_Symbol_Fix: Correction switch of currency pair. The name of currency pair may be different in the case of cross-platform, such as GOLD and SPX500 on some platforms and XAUUSD and SP500m on others, at which time, a special setting is required. For example, modifying Master_Symbol1 into GOLD and Follow_Symbol1 into XAUUSD. You can set 5 pairs at most.
Master_Symbol1 -- Follow_Symbol1
Master_Symbol2 -- Follow_Symbol2
Master_Symbol3 -- Follow_Symbol3
Master_Symbol4 -- Follow_Symbol4
Master_Symbol5 -- Follow_Symbol5

8. Open_FixLots: The settings of fixed-trailing position is closed by default. If opened, all varieties will follow the fixed position.
9. FixLots: The settings of fixed-trailing position
10. Slippage: The default of slippage is 100, the smallest unit of symbol count unit. It is an unconditional trailing.


WikiFXが提供するEAをご購入いただきありがとうございます。 購入時に「私はそれを読み理解しました」をクリックすると、本契約の条件を完全に理解し、同意したとみなします。


当社は、インターネットの発展、および関連する法律、規制、サービス品質を継続的に改善し、本契約の条件を変更する権利を有します。 契約内容が改訂された後、製品を引き続き使用することにより、同意したと見なされます。





4.ユーザーが購入したEAは購入者のみが使用でき、いかなる形式でも他者に譲渡または承認することはできません。 同じ端末で同時に使用できるアカウントは1つだけです。 クラッキングやプラグインなどにより、アカウントが複数のユーザーまたは端末で同時に使用されていることが判明した場合、当社は支払われたサービス料金の補償または返金なしにユーザーの資格を取り消す権利を有します。

三. ソフトウエア利用料












3. 外国為替ブローカーが原因でソフトウェアの異常が発生した場合、WikiFXはいかなる法的責任を負いません。しかしWikiFXは積極的にユーザーと協力して解決に努めます。

4. WikiFXが提供するEA製品およびサービスは一つのツールであり、ユーザーによるこのツールの使用は、WikiFXがユーザーの取引の損益を保証するものではありません。 ソフトウェア製品のバックテストは過去の取引成績を表すものであり、将来の収益を保証するものではありません。資金保証ではありません。 リスク注意喚起-取引に伴うリスクについて十分理解した上で、自己の責任において取引を行ってください。



八. ソフトウェア製品の更新

1.期限付きEA製品の有効期限が切れた後も継続してご利用したい場合は、事前に更新手続きを行い、料金をお支払いください。 ユーザーと会社の間で合意がない限り、当事者間の権利と義務は、更新期間中はこの契約に適用されます。